Quite excited that one of the two Mocap Suits that we shall use for the Virtual Storyteller project has arrived. Below is a video of me excitedly opening up the Perception Neuron suit box. We begin mocap recording in a few weeks and this will be based on a pre-identified taxonomy for motion that informs the tellers Non-Verbal behaviours. At the moment we are revising three interactive dialog scripts, testing out the interaction. We will also revise storyboards that will guide the world design and character placement as well as aid in cuing interaction between the audience and virtual storyteller.

(A bit of noisy construction work going on in the background…terribly sorry for the clanging sounds…Nairobi is growing!)

Two great books I’d recommend:
1. Embodied Conversational Agents (2000) by Justine Cassel, Joseph Sullivan, Scot Prevost and Elizabeth Churchill. This may seem outdated but is useful in providing context and historical background information regarding ECAs.

2. Virtual Humans Today and Tomorrow (2019) by David Burden and Maggi Savin-Baden

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