Nobody 2D Animation

CREATED: JULY 2017 NOBODY, 2D Animation Project Details 2D Animation based on a poem. Exploration on how animation can be used to further the understanding of narratives. Created during a two week animation workshop at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. Let's work together Contact me via instagram or email if you're reaching out with a [...]

Mindscapes – Dance Performance (Nairobi Media and Performance Series 2017)

CREATED: NOVEMBER 2017 Genesis, Performance Project Details Dance and digital art experiments created during the Nairobi Performance Series event in 2017.  Collaborators Dancers at Sarakasi Dome Get in touch I’d be happy to hear from you if you’re reaching out with a new project, seeking collaboration or just want to learn more about my work. Contact [...]

What the Fuss?

CREATED: NOVEMBER 2015 WHAT THE FUSS? Project Details What the Fuss? is a 360/VR video installation that explores the concept of interpretive form — an aspect of experimental animation that resists the depiction of conventional forms and objectivity of the exterior world. The work attempts to explores meaning making on social media(more specifically on Facebook); and [...]

Book Illustration

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Lawino the Virtual storyteller

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African Orature in VR/AR

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