Project Details

What the Fuss? is a 360/VR video installation that explores the concept of interpretive form — an aspect of experimental animation that resists the depiction of conventional forms and objectivity of the exterior world. The work attempts to explores meaning making on social media(more specifically on Facebook); and the narrative content was extracted from randomly selected conversations found on Facebook, with the intent of eliciting introspection on meaning making in online social networking platforms. It also explores the dual nature of online curated identities: one side characterized by meaningful interaction and the other, a meaningless void of self-perception.
The decision to create a 360 degree video was in order to immerse the viewers into a surreal virtual environment.
The sonic component of the 360 degree video was further enhanced by the use of spatial audio which allows the viewer to experience sound coming from specific locations.

Collaborators: Lenny Njagih (Story, sound and video editing)

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